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Looking through the government website, it’s pretty clear that there is a wealth of support for fledgling businesses.  There are various schemes for supporting young entrepreneurs by way of business start up loans and geographical and regional sectors that have special funding enhancements.   Looking at the page dealing with finances and support for businesses, there are agencies listed specifically for cities in the north west; over the ‘border’ there is a biorenewables development centre directly supporting scientists to solve a materials or product development & manufacturing challenges.  It is very encouraging to see every single region is feature  d in some way or another.  Somerset has an agency offering business advice, training & support initiative.  Further down one of their business pages come agencies dealing with funding especially for the world of space-based services.   These agencies are very helpfully all grouped together so that wherever a would be business is located, there appears to be a huge safety net scheme in every area.  It’s very much a case of knowing what you need help with and how to apply for it.   Some deal with finance, others offer adice and mentorship roles.