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It can be a very exciting time in one’s life when you reach the point of starting that new online business.  Launching any business needs careful preparation to reach the best audience for your product or service.  It would be great to reach the widest global audience out there but in fact many start ups fail early on because they try to be too ambitious.  Let’s say that is like trying to run before we can walk safely.   However, if there’s one thing the recent years of pandemic has taught us, it’s that all business can benefit from at least part of the operation being online.  There are many ways of monetising a product or service to extract the maximum available in earnings potential.  The possible benefits for the digital entrepreneur are vast in number.  The pitfalls are also high but with a carefully worked out business plan and strict adherence to the legalities of any business, then success should be reached much sooner than non digital.  Turning a hobby into an online digital masterpiece can be achieved quite simply if the ground work is done properly and steps taken to effectively research your market sector – checking out those companies you perceive to be your competitors.  Are they succeeding in one particular niche field or are they good across the board;  do they employ anyone else or are they sole trader outfits.   There are so many things to think about but keeping a cool head and being clear about one’s objectives will help give a leg up to that baby idea!