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A chartered accountant is an accountant with the specific professional accreditation of ‘chartered status’. They have studied accounting to a high level and have gained professional experience in the industry. In addition, chartered accountants Winchester, Hampshire are members of a respected professional body, such as CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and are required to stick to a strict ethical and professional code of conduct.

Corporate Event Organisation

Corporate event management is all about making the most of every event by bringing people together in memorable ways on behalf of your corporation. An events company UK, or corporate planners take care, from start to finish, ensuring that they deliver an experience which will be both profitable and enjoyable for them as well!

As the UK drone industry takes flight, drone insurance is becoming a must-have. A gadget insurance policy may cover your high-flying antics… But if you want complete protection, drone insurance is well worth investigating. A drone insurance provider covers you for damage to your drone, or against claims made by someone whose property your drone may accidentally damage. So, if you lose control of the drone and it falls on to someone’s car, you’ll be covered for both the damage to the drone and for the claim from the driver.

Make Your Meeting Room Better

One way to improve things is by setting up a meeting room with technology that encourages people to contribute. A professional display helps people to present their ideas more effectively in a way that’s more likely to generate feedback. Some interactive meeting room display lets people add notes and contribute via their own devices, and adding video collaboration means you can involve colleagues from other offices with no travel.