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Modern Training for Businesses

Training your staff to handle a range of issues is important in today’s business world. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) Training is a method of collecting data from publicly available sources to be used for intelligence purposes.

The use of the Internet and social media is growing all the time but it is currently estimated that there are over 4 billion internet users, 126 million daily Twitter users, over a billion Facebook and Instagram users, and 1.5 billion users of YouTube.

OSINT training can be extremely useful for a variety of professionals in the private and public sectors including law enforcement services, private investigators, insurance claim investigators, threat intelligence analysts and more.

As the UK drone industry takes flight, drone insurance is becoming a must-have. A gadget insurance policy may cover your high-flying antics… But if you want complete protection, drone insurance is well worth investigating. A drone insurance provider covers you for damage to your drone, or against claims made by someone whose property your drone may accidentally damage. So, if you lose control of the drone and it falls on to someone’s car, you’ll be covered for both the damage to the drone and for the claim from the driver.

Business Insurance

Commercial insurance policies can be tailored to your personal range of work requirements, giving you peace of mind that a wide variety of covers are under one and you don’t need to include any extra liability expenses, accessible and comprehensive policy. We can consider many different factors for your combined insurance service such as the business size, your location, the number of employees, your turnover, the industry sector, market reach, activities, processes and machinery used to name a few.

Make Your Meeting Room Better

One way to improve things is by setting up a meeting room with technology that encourages people to contribute. A professional display helps people to present their ideas more effectively in a way that’s more likely to generate feedback. Some interactive meeting room display lets people add notes and contribute via their own devices, and adding video collaboration means you can involve colleagues from other offices with no travel.